Wedshed / wirraway Park
Wirraway Park is a stud farm about ten minutes out of Bathurst in country NSW, which is currently in the grip of one of the worst droughts in recent memory. Owner Vicky has struggled to buy enough hay to feed her horses, with hay supplies running low and prices skyrocketing. As part of an effort to help rural property owners affected by drought we were asked to contribute to a shoot that illustrated the situation that Vicky and many others are now in, and how the wedding industry can pitch in and help property owners diversify by turning her unique property into an event venue. With styling and help from a number of prominent wedding vendors we captured a series that shows Vicki's resilience and love for her horses, as well as showcasing her property as a unique venue for weddings and events.
Curated by WedShed
Styling by The Airstream Social and The White Place
Florals by Miss Floral Studio