Ask someone about Hiroshima, and a couple of things come to mind. First it’s a city in Japan, and second it was where The Bomb was first dropped. Hiroshima (and Nagasaki) have become symbols of the consequences of the atomic age; if you look, the only images to come out of Hiroshima are images of the immediate post-bombing landscape, or modern pictures of the Genbaku Dome (the Atomic Bomb Dome, one of the few surviving structures) or the Peace Memorial Park. Rarely do we see any more.
I lived in Hiroshima for two years from March ‘06 to March ‘08 in a little suburb called Funairi-Saiwai-Cho, and these images represent my love affair with the city – a vibrant, living city at peace with its past and abuzz with possibilities. They show the mundane and the extraordinary, the fleeting moments and the enduring landmarks – everything that makes me miss Hiroshima every day.