John first experienced photography as a child when, on special occasions, he was allowed a 35mm film camera and a roll of film. The resulting photos were, well, awful; but it was the low ember that grew into a firestorm of passion for creating beautiful, evocative images.

In addition to commissioned works John pursues a number of deeply personal projects. Living in Hiroshima, Japan inspired him to shoot a semi-documentary project called HIROSHIMA where he presents a modern city the world only knows of through war. A lifetime of strange prejudices and funny looks inspired ASIAN, which looks at the differences and similarities of people who call themselves “Asian”. 

The birth of John's son is a continuing source of inspiration, documented in THAT'S MY BOY and the death of John's grandmother coalesced into a short film called WAITING TO LET GO.

When not working on personal projects John can be found at Harustudio  a small studio of photographers and cinematographers devoted to creating engaging photos and film for wedding, family and commercial clients.

John is available for a variety of assignments, please contact him for details.